Appendix 3


   Physical or psychological troubles are simply the manifestations of a disturbance in one of the systemic fields to which we belong. Systemic fields range from the very small (such as the relational field between our cells and organs) to the very large (such as the relationships between the people that make up humanity as a whole).
   The restoration of a harmonious – or “euphonic” – systemic field enables, in most cases, a return to psycho-corporal equilibrium and well-being.
   From this point of view, all physical suffering and psychological disequilibrium is tied to man’s disconnection with one of these morphic fields. This disconnection manifests itself in a state of inner fragmentation and outer conflict. Since he is innerly fragmented and divided (and not an “individual,” that is to say, “non-divided”), man is no longer connected to his true identity, successively identifying himself with different fragments of these systems. This fragmentation prevents him from recognising himself as a unity and, paradoxically, as a part of “everything,” reflecting this “everything” in a holographic manner in the very smallest of his cells.
   The euphonic techniques of reconnection have the goal of reducing this fragmentation, both within the individual and in his relationship to other people, things, events, and the world, as well as to his own higher nature and the Absolute (for those who believe in them).