In the context of Family Constellations and Systemic Representations, we distinguish between three types of conscience:

1 – The current individual moral conscience is based on the current family, social, national, and religious conscience; we feel guilty when we act against this conscience. This is not a total human conscience because
- when we belong to one nation, it is all right to harm another nation;
- when we belong to one family, it is perfectly all right to reject another family
- when we belong to a religion, it is perfectly all right to reject the followers of another
   And we feel perfectly justified in doing so.
   This is the moral conscience that is responsible for all conflicts and wars, and it is absolutely necessary to go beyond it. Unfortunately, every one of us is still subject to this form of conscience.

2 – Systemic, transgenerational moral conscience naturally corrects whatever injures:
- the systemic principles;
- the higher fields of force – courage, empathy, commitment, acceptance, understanding, love, joy, peace, realisation, and liberation.
- any of the noble qualities – love, respect, charity, compassion, reconciliation, uprightness, brotherhood, generosity, hospitality, humility, forgiveness, patience, perseverance, politeness, gratitude, service, and sincerity.

3 – Higher moral conscience, which has two names: Love and Wisdom.