VII – SAMPLE CONTRACT TO BE READ AND SIGNED BY THE CLIENT (indispensable in certain countries)

   I have been informed of the existence of new methods known as Family Constellations and Systemic Representations. I have been informed that experience as well as a number of scientific studies confirm that these methods can significantly improve one’s physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, professional, and even spiritual well-being. I have been informed that these techniques usually have no counter-indications when they are practiced correctly.
   I understand that because these techniques consist of possibly new methods, the degree and range of their effectiveness, as well as their side-effects, risks, and benefits, are not yet completely known.
   I have been informed of the following:
* previously traumatic memories may disappear progressively;
* during the course of the work, reactions may come to the surface that neither I nor the mediator can anticipate, including strong emotional or physical sensations, or memories that had until then remained unconscious or unresolved;
* an emotional trace may continue to resonate after a session, providing clues about other incidents that may call for treatment.
   I have read and understood all of the above information before choosing to participate in this approach and have obtained all the complementary information or professional advice I have deemed necessary in order to make an informed decision. I choose to participate in this type of work of my own free will and am aware that I have the right to cease practicing these methods at any time. In addition, I agree to assume complete responsibility for my involvement in this work in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of my life.
   By my signature I express my agreement to use these innovative systemic methods. My assent is free of any pressure or influence from any person or group whatsoever.

Date: _____________________

Client’s signature: